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An Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan Every Indian Women Should Follow

An Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan Every Indian Women Should Follow

Obesity is a nationwide concern with a marked population gaining excess weight, and women are no exception. Working women as well as homemakers experience undesirable weight gain that they find difficult to lose. Unhealthy eating habits, untimely meals, long working hours, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, stress, certain health conditions, and sleep deprivation are some of the factors that contribute to excessive weight gain and obesity in women. Diet and lifestyle modifications are the best options to get in shape naturally. However, resorting to rapid weight loss diet plans is not a good option to lose weight, as you may lose weight just to gain it back once you stop following the fad diet. Eating right by following a customised diet chart for weight loss females can help you enjoy sustainable weight loss. Indian diet is rich in nutrients and full of flavours. So, it’s the right choice to lose weight healthily and enjoy long-lasting weight loss benefits. So, if you are wondering which diet plan can help you shed those extra kilos, think no further. Proceed with reading this blog to find out all about an effective Indian diet plan to reduce weight for females.

Choose a Customised Diet Plan:

When it comes to losing weight healthily and experiencing sustainable weight loss, a one-size-fits-all diet plan doesn’t work. The veg diet plan for weight loss should be based on your body type, nutritional needs, phase of life, hormonal changes, and many other factors contributing to your weight gain. Consulting a certified dietician can help you have a personalized Indian weight loss diet chart for females tailored to your specific health and weight loss needs. Such a diet plan promotes weight loss without compromising your health and nutritional needs and gifts you sustainable weight loss benefits. Let’s have a look at one such diet plan to reduce weight for females.

A Sample Diet Plan to Reduce Weight for Females:


Begin Your Day with Warm Lemon Water:

Start your day by having a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of warm water. You may add a dash of honey to it. Drinking this healthy fluid the first thing in the morning helps increase your metabolism and re-energizes you for the day. An increased metabolism promotes weight loss. Also, your body receives the health benefits of lemon water and honey.

Drink Water Before Your Meal:

One of the simplest ways to avoid overeating when following a veg diet chart for weight loss for female is drinking a glass of plain water half an hour before your meal. It helps reduce your appetite and promotes smooth digestion.

Relish Protein-Rich Breakfast:

Enrich your breakfast with protein food sources. You may have nutritious sprouts salad garnished with chana or rajma beans. Eating such a breakfast abundant in proteins will help you stay full for a longer span and prevent you from snacking on some food now and then.

Have a Healthy Lunch:

When trying to lose those extra kilos, you don’t need to cook a special meal for weight loss. Simply have one bowl of sabzi and daal which you have prepared for the rest of the family members. If you wish to have a roti, go for a millet roti as it is highly nutritious, offering lots of essential nutrients and fibre and promotes a healthy weight loss.

Munch on an Evening Snack

: As your digestion process is speeding up due to a well-planned veg diet plan for weight loss and drinking water before your meals, you may develop an appetite in the evening. You need not starve at such times. Have a healthy evening snack, such as a sandwich of brown bread with cooked vegetables stuffed inside or anything which has less oil content and high content of nutritious fruits or vegetables. You can also munch on a handful of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, or cashews.

Sip Evening Tea:

Hot tea is a favourite beverage of Indians, and most of us find it difficult to drop it while following any sort of diet. On top of that, hot tea, particularly green tea, is a beneficial beverage when it comes to weight loss. So, you can drink a cup of green tea in the evening when following a diet chart for weight loss for females.

Savour a Balanced Dinner:

If you love eating rice, add brown rice to your Indian veg diet chart for weight loss for females. You can eat a bowl of brown rice along with a bowl of cooked vegetables at dinner. You can also savour a bowl of raita, as the probiotic content in it will improve your gut health, provide you with a dose of nutrients, and keep you cool when beating the summer heat.

5 Diet Tips That Every Indian Woman Should Follow When Trying to Lose Weight:

Add Superfoods to Your Diet:

Eating superfoods is the key to enjoying a healthy weight loss while nourishing your body. Superfoods are rich in nutrients. You may add various seeds, berries, apples, millets, fibre-abundant foods, oatmeal, and other nutritious superfoods to your diet chart for weight loss for females and you will experience an improvement in your health while excess weight melts away.

Minimize Refined Flour and Foods:

Refined flour contains high-calorie content and minimum nutrients. Refined food items contain high sugar content. So, both refined flour and refined foods are not healthy. Avoid them when following a veg diet plan for weight loss. Instead, add whole-grain food options and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Limit Your Calorie Intake:

Keep a track of your calorie intake, and limit it when making weight loss efforts. You get some calories from every food you eat. So, you need not go for foods abundant in calories. The guidance of expert nutritionists can help you have the right nutritious foods low in calories in your veg diet plan.

Boost Your Protein Intake:

Indian women happen to have greater fats and less muscle mass. To increase your muscle mass, keep organs in good health, and boost your immunity, it is necessary to increase your protein intake. Add beans, legumes, soy, green peas, nuts, seeds, nuts, and other food sources abundant in proteins to your veg diet plan for weight loss.

Never Starve, More Small Meals:

While making efforts to lose weight, make sure you never starve. Fasting or starving for long hours may make you indulge in overeating. Instead of having three large meals a day, have four to five small nutritious meals. Smaller meals allow you to add a variety of nutritious food sources to your diet. This will promote healthy weight loss and nourish your body with all essential nutrients.


So, if you are keen on losing excess weight without harming your health, resort to an Indian weight loss diet chart for females. Consult certified dieticians, such as health experts at Health Total, to receive a personalized diet chart for weight loss for females to enjoy the best sustainable weight loss benefits while improving immunity and health. Our veg diet plan not just helps you burn excess calories effortlessly but also nourishes your body and meets all your health needs. So, be quick, get in touch with us at Health Total, and embark on your weight loss journey with a customised diet plan to reduce weight for females.

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