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Best Store Bought Popsicle Brands

Looking for the best store bought popsicle brands? Here are some of my favorites as a Registered Dietitian and mom of 3. They’re made with real fruit and lower in added sugar than traditional popsicles.

Hi friends!

Since it’s summer, more and more questions are coming in about popsicles. Which ones are best? Do they have too much sugar? What should I be looking for?

So I figured now was the perfect time to share some of my favorite popsicle brands for the next post in our best of store-bought series.

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So, let’s talk about popsicles. Most traditional popsicles contain very little real fruit and often have 20+ grams of added sugar, which is a lot.

One of my favorite recommendations to make is to tell people to grab some popsicle molds and make their own using 100% fruit juice. That’s what I usually give my kids and they love them!

You can also look for lower-sugar yogurt tubes like Stonyfield or Siggis and freeze them for an easy frozen treat! We always have these in our freezer as well!

While these are both great options, I’m also a realist and know that often store-bought popsicles can be more convenient for people so here are some of my favorites that you can find at the store.

I often get asked why there are gums like guar gum and xantham gum in popsicles. This isn’t something I worry too much about. They’re used as stabilizers and they help make the texture of popsicles a little less icy and more creamy by preventing the formation of ice crystals.

Best Store-bought popsicles

While there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned popsicle every once and a while, if you’re looking for an option to eat more frequently, here are a few options you can find at the store that contain no added sugar.

Deebees Organic

Deebees Organic SuperFruit Freezies – These are made with just juice, fruit puree and guar gum. They contain no added sugar. Deebees also makes gelato pops with coconut milk and fruit juice that contain just a few grams of added sugar and are also a great choice!


Goodpop Freezer Pops – Goodpop has several options (shown above) made with 100% fruit juice and guar gum. They use things like spirulina and carrot juice for color and contain no added sugar. Be sure to check the label because they also have some options with added sugar.

Popsicles with less added sugar

Most store-bought popsicle brands contain 21-23 grams of added sugar. Here are a few with less than 12 grams of added sugar that don’t contain stevia, artificial sweeteners etc. While these should still be treated like dessert, they do contain less added sugar which I love and are made with fruit, fruit puree and fruit juices.


Jonny Pops Strawberries & Cream Frozen Fruit Bars – made with fruit, heavy cream, cane sugar, water and salt, these have 9g added sugar and come in several flavors. They also make a dairy-free version with oat milk. They also have some more traditional varieties that don’t contain cream and have 10-13 grams of added sugar.

**They also make freezer pops with 5g of added sugar but they are sweetened with stevia which is personally not my first choice.

Outshine Fruit Bars

Outshine Fruit Bars – These are made with fruit purees, water, sugar, fruit juice, malic acid, guar gum, natural flavor, vit C, carob bean gum. The single pop variety shown above has 8g of added sugar, while the rectangular ones have 10-12g of added sugar.

**Their no-added-sugar variety is not my first choice because it is sweetened with things like sucralose.


Chloe’s Fruit Pops – These are made with just fruit puree, water and cane sugar and contain 12g of added sugar. They come in a variety of flavors

Good & Gather

Good and Gather Fruit Bars – These are made with fruit, water, cane sugar, natural flavor, lemon juice, beet juice for color, xantham gum and guar gum. They have 12g of added sugar and come in several flavors.


Good pop – In addition to the varieties listed above that are made with just fruit juice, Goodpop also has some popsicles that are lower in sugar and made with just fruit, water, cane sugar and guar gum. There are several flavors available!

What’s your favorite store bought popsicle brand? Did I miss any good ones?


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