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How to Lose Weight with a Diet Plan That Works the Best for Women

How to Lose Weight with a Diet Plan That Works the Best for Women

Excessive weight gain and obesity are common concerns of several women worldwide. Losing weight is more challenging for women than for men. Pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy eating habits, stress, untimely meals, long working hours, sleep deprivation, and certain health conditions contribute to undesirable weight gain and obesity in women. Whether you are a working lady or a homemaker, you may experience weight gain that is difficult to lose. Fortunately, dietary modifications can work wonders in helping you trim your waistline naturally. Going for a sustainable weight loss diet plan for women is a healthier option than crash or fat diets. This is because a sustainable weight loss diet helps you get in shape without compromising health, prevents weight gain soon after you are done with the plan, and enables you to enjoy long-lasting weight loss benefits. So, you might be wondering what healthy dietary practices your diet plan for weight loss should comprise, aren’t you? Discover all about it below.


The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Women

Here’s a list of easy yet effective dietary practices that can help women get in shape effortlessly and naturally.

Enrich Your Diet with Protein

Protein food sources are quite beneficial for women for weight loss and health improvement. They not only help you feel full for longer, cut cravings, and improve your metabolism, but also promote your health while you shed those extra kilos. So, add legumes, fish, dairy, eggs, and poultry to your diet chart for weight loss for women.  Also, increasing your protein consumption can reduce your intake of calories.

Savour Healthy Breakfast Daily

Relishing a nutritious breakfast on time daily re-energizes you for a hectic day ahead, nourishes you, and helps you feel full till your next meal. Eating a protein-rich breakfast helps you manage your appetite and prevents you from snacking now and then which supports your weight loss efforts.

Cut Down on Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are deprived of micronutrients and fibre, as they undergo processing. Eating them can elevate your blood glucose levels, increase your appetite, and cause weight gain and an increase in belly fat. So, reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates when working on your diet to lose weight. Instead of white bread, pre-packaged foods, and pasta, prefer to eat whole-grain foods, such as quinoa, brown rice, barley, and oats.

Fill Up on Fibre

One of the common yet effective dietary practices that help women lose weight is adding more fibre to the diet. Increased intake of fibre helps you feel satiated for longer, reduces your calorie intake, improves digestive health, and promotes weight loss. So, enrich your diet plan for weight loss with whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Increase Your Intake of Water

Consuming a greater quantity of water is a simple yet effective way to promote weight loss in women. It helps burn more calories. Medical studies reveal that the intake of water before a meal can accelerate weight loss and help reduce the consumption of calories. So, make sure you drink about eight to ten glasses of water every day.

Use Smaller Plates

Using smaller plates for your meals is effective when it comes to managing your portion size, thereby aiding weight loss. Eating food using smaller plates can help restrict your portion size which helps prevent you from overeating and keep your intake of calories in check. So, switch to smaller plates when you have your meals.

Chew Slowly

Chewing food slowly and thoroughly helps cut down the quantity of food you eat and supports weight loss easily. It helps reduce the calorie intake and supports you to lose those extra kilos.

Try Intermittent Fasting

One of the healthiest ways of fasting that not only promotes weight loss but also helps you enjoy food and improve your health is intermittent fasting. It involves alternating between fasting and eating for a specific window of time daily. So, you do not fast at a stretch for a long time and starve. Instead, you fast and eat nutritious food that nourishes your body. So, while you lose weight due to the fasting span, you also experience improved health and do not suffer from the adverse effects of long-term fasting. It helps cut calories and improves your metabolism which helps increase the number of calories burned at rest.

Limit or Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods have high sugar, sodium, and calorie contents and low nutrient content. Eating processed foods can cause weight gain in women. So, when struggling to lose weight, minimize or avoid eating processed foods. Instead, relish whole foods, such as fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds by adding them to your diet chart for weight loss.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

One of the prominent contributors to weight gain in women and various health issues is the high sugar content, particularly added sugar, in the diet. Consuming foods rich in added sugar elevate your calorie intake. These foods are low in minerals, fibre, vitamins, and proteins. So, when aiming to achieve your fitness goals with a weight loss diet plan for women, minimize or avoid consuming sugary foods and drinks, such as candies, sweets, soda, and sports drinks. This will help promote weight loss, lower the risk of potential health issues, and help you stay in good health.

Sample Weight Loss Diet Chart for Women

Here’s a sample diet chart for weight loss for women to get in shape effortlessly.

Early in the Morning (at or before 7 am): 1 glass of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of honey mixed in it

Breakfast (at 8 am): 1 bowl of oats porridge with skimmed milk. You may add some walnuts or almonds.

Mid-morning snack (at 11 am): 1 apple or orange

Lunch (at 1 pm):  1 whole-grain roti + 1 bowl of green vegetable + 1 small bowl of daal

Mid-lunch (at 3 pm): 1 cup of fresh buttermilk

Evening snack (at 5 pm): 1 cup of green tea

Dinner (at 8 pm): 1 cup of moong lentil curry + a 0.5 bowl of brown rice + 1 small bowl of bottle gourd vegetable.

So, if you are working hard to get in shape by following natural ways, choose to follow a weight loss diet plan for women. Consulting certified dieticians, such as health experts at Health Total, will help you receive a personalized diet chart for weight loss for women tailored to your specific weight loss and health needs. Our diet plan for weight loss will not only help you shed those extra kilos but also eliminate nutritional deficiencies, boost your immunity, and lower or prevent potential health risks. So, waste no time, get in touch with us at Health Total and embark on your weight loss journey with our customized weight loss diet plan for women.

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