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Lose Weight with These Easy Diet Plans Tailored to Female Body Types

Lose Weight with These Easy Diet Plans Tailored to Female Body Types

Are you wondering why the weight loss diet plan working for other women, of the same age group as yours, but not working well for you? If that’s you, your body type might be different and you need a diet plan that fits your body type the best. Everyone is unique and different. Body composition, which comprises percentages of muscle, fat, and bone in the body, varies from person to person. Women who have a greater body fat percentage and a tendency to gain weight quickly may need a customised diet to stay in shape. On the contrary, women who happen to be skinny naturally yet unfit may need an entirely different dietary routine. So, there exist different female body types. Dietary routines and daily exercise regimens impact differently on each body type. So, the weight loss diet of every female body type varies when it comes to weight loss and health improvement. So, you might be wondering what your body type is and what your weight loss diet plan should be to get in shape with improved health, aren’t you? Read on to learn everything about it.


Tailored Weight Loss Diet for Each Different Female Body Types

Some women are lean, some are fat, and some have a medium frame. So, various female body types exist. Prominently, three major body types are known. Let’s have a look at these three generalized body compositions and which dietary practices can help them in weight management.


Women having an endomorph body type happen to have a higher percentage of body fat and less muscle mass. They have greater body fat than the rest of the body types. Endomorph females happen to gain weight very smoothly and quickly. They have a slower metabolism than all other body types. Their body can’t burn sufficient calories and ends up converting them into fat. Females with an endomorph body type happen to have heavier bellies, hips, and thighs.

Diet for Females with Endomorph Body Type to Lose Weight

Endomorphs put on weight easily. So, to lose belly fat fast and achieve desired weight loss, women with endomorph body types should limit their intake of carbohydrates i.e. simple carbohydrates. Make sure your weight loss diet chart for female does not contain white bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, white rice, and pasta. As endomorphs happen to have a slow metabolism, consume foods that can boost your metabolism. Go for foods high in proteins and healthy fats. Cut down on your consumption of carbohydrates.

Females with an endomorph body type should eat complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Besides these, you should also limit your portion size in your meals. Try to eat about 400 calories less to avoid the risk of weight gain. Consulting certified dieticians can help you receive a customized diet chart for losing weight. So, you can enjoy sustainable weight loss with improved health. Also, incorporate exercise into your routine. You may practice strength training, cardio, and high-intensity exercise routine along with other exercises to get in shape.


Women having this body type can lose and gain weight easily. Also, they can build muscle mass easily and efficiently. They have medium body frames and good muscle mass. Mesomorphs have a rectangular body frame or hourglass figures and are solid. The metabolism of a mesomorph is faster than endomorph and slower than an ectomorph.

Diet for Females with Mesomorph Body Type to Lose Weight

The diet of females with a mesomorph body type should contain fewer carbohydrates and more proteins. They should keep their calorie intake in check. Mesomorphs should have more protein along with a healthy blend of carbohydrates and quality fats in their weight loss diet plan. Choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. You should go for whole grains, such as brown rice, oatmeal, and quinoa. Make sure that you have carbohydrates and fats in moderation. You can incorporate exercise in your routine by practicing low-intensity cardio workouts, which suit mesomorph the best to maintain weight.


If you are slim, lanky, and tall or long with a smaller bone structure, your body type is ectomorph. Naturally slim body and small and skinny bone structure characterize this body type. Ectomorphs are usually long and thin, not very muscular, and have small shoulders. They have the highest metabolic rates. Females with this body type find it extremely difficult to gain weight and happen to have a faster metabolism. However, ectomorphs can be skinny fat, which means they may have low weight but high fat in their bodies.

Diet for Females with Ectomorph Body Type to Stay in Shape

As ectomorphs have difficulty gaining weight, they need to consume a diet abundant in proteins and carbohydrates. They should receive a minimum of 50% to 60% of calories from carbohydrates, 25% from fats, and 25% from protein food sources. Ectomorphs may consume about 600 more calories than usual the standard recommended calorie intake. They should consume more proteins by including protein shakes, fish, eggs, and chicken in their diet chart.

As ectomorphs have a hard time putting on weight due to their speedy metabolism, they can also eat high quantities of foods containing healthy fats. When it comes to workouts, ectomorphs can practice resistance training to build strength.

Now that you know what different female body types are and which type of diet suits the best for particular body types to achieve weight loss, it makes your efforts to get in shape easier. Identify your body type and follow the dietary tips that fit your body type to lose weight. Body structure should not be confused with physical appearance, as the latter may change with diet and workout regimens. Approaching certified dieticians can help you identify your body type accurately and receive a customised diet chart for losing weight based on your metabolic rate and specific body type. Such a well-planned diet from nutritionists also helps improve your overall health and promotes weight loss without starving.

So, if you are wondering “how to lose weight fast”, identifying your body type and adopting a diet that best suits your body type can help. Consulting certified dieticians and nutritionists, such as health experts at Health Total, can help you receive a personalized weight loss diet plan tailored to your particular body type, metabolic rate, and health needs. Our diet plan not only helps you get in shape but also meets your nutritional needs, boosts your immunity, and improves your overall health. So, make no delay, reach out to us at Health Total and embark on your weight loss journey with our customized weight loss diet plan for women.

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